22 Aug 2011

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-22

Posted by walterheck

  • Break out of selling services to a product-based revenue model: http://t.co/49osFSo (@clickstarter) #
  • Listening to #mysql history told by @h_ingo. Interesting stuff while working on my talk for @tribily. #froscon #
  • 4,5 hours to go until my @froscon presentation. Time to go finish my slides 😉 http://t.co/7U0qlSy #
  • Next up at #froscon "From zero to #OpenStack quot; Time to soak up some knowledge 🙂 #
  • Time for lunch break at #froscon Food and socializing, yay! #
  • my #froscon talk is not on the printed schedules, but you should see it if you want to learn about life and work on the road! 15.00 HS4 #
  • Listening to #keynote on #froscon by Simon Phipps, director of #OSI Liking already: "Corporations cannot be ethical, [..] you need a soul" #
  • Simon Phipps: 4 Software freedoms: Use, Study, Modify, Distribute. #froscon #
  • Most of us that have been involved in large software projects smelled the smell of death in the air early, and wonder why our boss didn't #
  • Does anyone at #froscon have an apple display port adapter to vga that I could borrow at 15:00 today? I forgot mine :S Pls RT #
  • Wanna travel? Wanna make money while doing it? Come to HS4 now and let me tell you all about how I've been doing it 🙂 #froscon #
  • No #sphinx talk, but hanging out with some of the #MariaDB crew. Monty will do a talk on it, so that will be a nice replacement! #froscon #
  • Slides for my #froscon presentation I gave just now: http://t.co/FfEhMjF How I work and travel for @tribily and @openquery #
  • Just woke up for the second day of #froscon First up today: @KrisBuytaert with a session on Devops. Hope we make it there before 10am 🙂 #
  • Watching monty's keynote about why going FOSS will improve your product. Interesting stuff! #froscon #
  • Are you experienced in #PHP Feel like making some extra $$ while working on an open source project for a few hours a week?Contact @tribily! #
  • Are you experienced in #PHP Feel like making some extra $$ while working on a #FOSS project for a few hrs/wk? Contact @tribily! #froscon #

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