28 Feb 2011

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-28

Posted by walterheck

  • Had a good day working on @tribily stuff. Pimped trial process with automated emails and ubercart shizzle. Loving #drupal more every day! #
  • RT @Ngeow Visitors from the interior of Sarawak return home from KL w/ photos of skyscrapers built with Sarawak money http://bit.ly/i0Nbux #
  • Ongelofelijke #fail van de #KvK Wacht twee weken op een afspraak ivm subsidies, waarna de site wordt voorgelezen: "meer weet ik ook niet". #
  • This seems like an interesting religion actually: http://j.mp/2eljBD Still not tempted, but some of their ideas don't suck completely 🙂 #
  • #Atrix seems like the N900 in the world of smartphones:clumsy, but def. has potential for the future. Stick a screen+kb on my phone pls! #
  • Haha, quote from the dutch #apple store: "buy now and pay in 2010" #fail #
  • #Kiva Fact: the current repayment rate is 98.96% http://www.kiva.org/ #
  • Wow, I'm so happy right now! All the eco warrior effort to save Kuala Langat FR paid off, the forest is safe! Direct action = Direct result! #
  • spending the whole day on getting my video driver to work properly is exactly why linux sucks on the desktop! #fail #noflashvideosforwalter #
  • I liked a YouTube video — Old Men Lightsaber Duel (Return Of The Geriatric) http://youtu.be/ojJUzv88Els?a #

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