1 Mar 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-01

Posted by walterheck

  • Playign cards with the other divers after 2 days of #diving 2 more days left, then it's on to #Townsville The #yongala is incredibly great! #
  • day 3 of #diving #yongala is over. Vis was much better (15m), marine life was mindblowing! Car-sized Grouper, Moray, Rays, turtles and more! #
  • Final dive done. Now back on the road.Dripping with sweat in my tent by the side of the road. Just outside my tent a mozzie orchestra.Scary! #
  • In the McD's in Townsville, doing a bit of work before heading to my last-minute couch. #
  • It seems like mission beach is the next destination that is calling. Now if only I can keep myself from diving more… :) #
  • Skipped mission beach in favor of getting to the daintree rainforest. Ended up in touristy party-hostel gilligan's in Cairns. Need partymood #

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