22 Feb 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-22

Posted by walterheck

  • Arrived in Mackay, working from a coffee shop. Hooray for #Optus #HSDPA. Also, forgot my phone in the last place. FAIL! #
  • pulling my email, facebook, and twitter together with threadsy. here's an invite good for 10 people. http://bit.ly/abfWbS #
  • trying out @threadsy. Looks very promising, if they implement threaded email conversations it could be better then gmail/buzz combined! #
  • Stuck once again, in Mackay this time. The highway(!) north is cut off at bowen, so I'm spending the day working my ass off. #lip #traveling #
  • Is the world coming to an end? Lost is finally starting to make sense! #
  • asking your host in a text if she wants to smoke up, not knowing her mom had the phone today… #epicfail #
  • spending the day #working my ass off, so I can enjoy the next 4 days of #diving the best wreck in Oz as much as possible, woohoo! #LIP #
  • Hahaha, twitter reaches new low: best man rigs newlyweds' bed to tweet every time they have sex: http://twitter.com/newlywedsontjob #

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