2 Nov 2009

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-02

Posted by walterheck

  • Checking out the #fossmy pictures others uploaded on flickr: http://is.gd/4Fwbt #
  • working my ass off.. #
  • working my ass off.. while listening to the new slayer album (which in turn indicates my stress level: i can usually not listen to them 😉 ) #
  • couchsurfing host that raped a girl gets 10 years in prison! http://bit.ly/2o9YcJ #
  • stupid #paypal ! I want access to my money! I’m not a friggin’ hacker and i did submit all you asked for 3 times now. GRRR #
  • Yay! #compliment of the day: ‘you seem pretty normal’. Thanks Mars, i sometimes almost feel like that (quickly goes away usually though 😉 ) #

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