26 Oct 2009

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-26

Posted by walterheck

  • working in downtown Kuala Lumpur. Didn’t get up early enough to get up to Petronas Towers. Oh well, 8 more chances for that 🙂 #
  • One thing you can rely on McD’s for: free workign WiFi. Just not the place I’d like to work in with smelly fastfood and screaming kids.. #
  • “How can we make Kuala Lumpur as difficult navigate as possible?” “Ah, let’s number all the streets randomly in no apparent order.” grmbl… #
  • Quote of the day (thnx @bethatasitmay):”sleep fu. that’s the martial art of sleeping. i’m a blackbelt.” #
  • Please RT: Getting ready to present MySQL university session on MMM for MySQL: dual master setups: http://br.st/0IF #mysql #mmm #webinar #
  • Finished the presentation, now talking to the most wonderful girl on the planet #
  • With another #fossmy speaker at Ditesh’s house geeking out before starting the day. Exciting times ahead! #
  • Rest in Peace,dear Doerak.Thanx for all the unconditional love and warmth you gave me all those hard years.miss your purring on my pillow… #
  • RT @ditesh: MySQL Multi-Master tutorial signup sheet at #fossmy http://ow.ly/w6cU . Limited to 20 people only so be quick to register! #
  • Body to owner: up at 6:30am on a saturday morning, are you crazy?!And it’s not even for a girl?? Boy, you really must like FOSS… #foss.my #
  • Sitting through opening talks of #foss.my, doing some preparation for the tutorial… #
  • Sign up for the tutorial on setting up a HA solution with MySQL in just 3 hours, starting at 14:15 #cluster #fossmy #fun: http://br.st/0Lr #
  • this dude is crazy, esp. since it’s not the first time he pulls this ignatius crap. Aren’t saints supposed to be dead? #fossmy #ridiculous #
  • rms about mysql/oracle, round 2 🙂 #fossmy #
  • We have now arrived at mysql crew vs rms. #amusing #fossmy #
  • rms @brianaker (raising his hand to ask a question): I’m tired of you! #weak #fossmy #
  • Paypal locked my account for logging in from diff. countries.Now I am looking for a dutch person with a creditcard.(Won’t costyou any money) #
  • Just spent 2 months worth of an average Malaysian family’s income on a new MacBook Pro. Poor and pumped 🙂 #

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