24 Oct 2009

Adventures around Western Europe

Posted by walterheck

I had returned to Europe for two weddings of 4 of my best friends, but before it was time for that, I had some traveling around Western Europe to do. I won’t describe it all in detail here, but the next 2,5 months were filled with (among other things):

My first CS Paella meeting (finally, after 4 failed attempts!), visiting my sister in Geneva, The Gentse Feesten in Gent (10 days of pure madness, I bailed out after wasting too much money in 4 days), The Zwarte Cross (Crazy dirt-bike-race-gone-music-festival-hybrid), the wonderful free Woodstock festival in Poland, presenting a session at FroSCon in Germany, visiting my aunt’s 60’th birthday and two of my cousins, visiting 3 bachelor’s parties and 2 beautiful weddings. Add to that visiting as many of my friends as possible, and you can imagine what a drain of money all of this was. My home base during all this was my mom’s place. It was good to see everyone again, and tighten relationships with soem of my pre-traveling friends as well as some of my family. I got around mostly by hitchhiking, closing in on the 30.000Km mark.

Of course the question was: where to go after that second wedding was over? I looked for cheap flights and checked for good advice from my friends. In the end it was a cheap flight to Bangkok that won the race. Later, I also booked a flight to Melbourne, Australia from Bangkok for christmas eve since it was only 187 EU. Especially after booking that second flight I was happy like a little kid. Australia is the place that I wanted to travel to right after highschool, but my parents wouldn’t let me go. Now I would finally go there. Besides that, one of my biggest inspirations and good-friend-at-a-distance Mandie lives there, and I was excited at the knowledge of meeting up with her again!

It would also be my first time in Asia. Now that I’m a reasonably experience traveler, I wasn’t afraid anymore of the enormous culture-shock that I was sure was awaiting me (FYI: I was scared shitless when I first went to Brasil). That meant that just the pure excitement over Asia was filling me and I got more excited the closer the day of my flight came.

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One Response to “Adventures around Western Europe”

  1. Hi Walter!

    Wow once you’ve started travelling you can’t stop anymore! 😀
    I see you have visited all over the world now!
    No plans of settling down yet?
    Glad you’re doing so well :)




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