5 Oct 2009

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-05

Posted by walterheck

  • Finally arrived in what will be his home for the next few months. The room is a bit dark, but it’s simple, clean and cheap. yay! #LIP #OTBP #
  • First full day in my new place and I haven’t seen _any_ daylight. Got a lot of work done though, thanks rain! #
  • alright, I get it! Typhoons hitting 300 odd kms away bring a lot of rain. Now go somewhere else please :) #
  • crowdsourcing star wars, haha: http://www.starwarsuncut.com #
  • yay, some more rain! #
  • It’s 7:30 and the monks behind my house have been praying for an hour already. Now the chants just started (over a mic :) ) #lovingit ! #
  • Movie quote of the day: “are you crazy? We’re not leaving the baby in this closet, there’s a tiger in the bathroom!” #
  • RT @DrewFromTV @Drew I’ll up my donation to LIVESTRONG to $100k if I get 100k followers by Nov 9th. . #blamedrewscancer #

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