4 Oct 2009

The last days in Costa Rica

Posted by walterheck

Before I was really going home however, I had a night in San Jose. I had found a nice Russian couple, Boris and Dasha on couchsurfing to stay with. Right after they picked me up, I started telling them my story. I told them about this woman I was supposed to work with to set up an organisation and how her laptop got stolen which changed all our plans. All of a sudden they interrupted me and asked: “Wait, is that woman called Kelly by any chance?”. My jaw dropped to the floor of teh car I was in when they proceeded to tell me that they were working with her as a writer for the nightlife magazine they were publishing. What a coincidence! Couchsurfing had nothing to do with this, they just happened to team up by chance. It got even crazier when they told me they had never met her, but they were meeting her quickly the next day on the airport. I chuckled the rest of teh day about how great it was going to be to show up at the airport with them unexpectedly to surprise Kelly and Amelia.

Since Boris and his girlfriend were starting up a free nightlife magazine, they were doing everything themselves to keep teh costs down. They were currently driving all over the central valley to distribute the magazine. I joined them happily, talking and getting to know them as we went from place to place. We (well, they) got invited to some fancy shmancy party. I was actually also invited, but I told Boris and Dasha I couldn’t go since I only carry traveling clothes, which was not really appropriate for that party.

We also went to a bar in San Jose that was run by a canadian guy because it was Canada day. I met some Colombian guys there and we had some good (although very macho) conversations.

The apartment that Boris and Dasha live in is a very nice one, located in Escazu. Escazu was coincidentally also the place that my Costa Rica adventure had started in, quite the full circle. It was a very nice apartment inside a condominium. We went swimming in the swimming pool up the hill (yet inside the condominium) with a beautiful view of the city below.

The next day we went to surprise Kelly and Amelia at the airport. We were a bit late, but we managed to meet them for 15 minutes or so. It was great to be able to say proper goodbyes to both Kelly and Amelia, and I hope to see them all again sometime.

Later that day I went to the airport, it was time to fly home. Boris and Dasha dropped me off at a bus stop in the right direction (they were late for an appointment at a radio station) and I made my way to the airport, ready for the monster-haul to get home.

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