2 Oct 2009

Visiting the CS Collective in Samara

Posted by walterheck

Once again, I needed to go through San Jose to get to the other side of teh country (San Jose really is the central hub for all roads in Costa Rica). After a long bus ride (which was once again very beautiful, Costa Rica is just such a rich green country) I arrived with a pretty big delay in Samara. The Couchsurfing collective had been there for quite a while now, and some of my friends were still there and I was looking forward to seeing them again.

I arrived in the middle of a big rain storm, but I didn’t really care. When it is nice and warm outside, a rainstorm like that is actually nice and refreshing. I followed the directions to get to the house and made it soaking wet. The guys there were a bit frustrated because the power had been out almost all day. Pretty frustrating when you are trying to work on a website 🙂

It was good to see cyril again, since he was my roommate in Alaska. I also met Andrew Farley and his girlfriend Jesse again. I met them once before when I was on my way to Alaska, and later I visited Andrew’s parents at their house when I passed through. I had met most of the others as well on my visit to BaseCamp earlier that year, so it was very nice.

Straight away I felt a bit of a weird vibe, which was explained quick enough by some of the events that had occurred there in the previous days. No need to go into details, but one of the participants of the collective had shown his ugliest side and shook things up pretty bad. Harmony would return over the next few days though.

The house was beautiful and the people were great. I stayed there for almost a week, quickly getting used to the wonderful harmonious ways of collective-style living. There is something about living with a group of people who all have the same goals, ideals and values in life. It made me miss the collectives, but not teh couchsurfing organisation.

One day, we decided to go snorkeling at a beautiful piece of coastline a few hours north. We rented a car and set out. The town we were in was _really_ sketchy. Let’s just say that even Cyril, born and raised Costa Rican said it was extremely sketchy. We managed to find some (sketchy) people that wanted to take us into teh water for way less then the average diving agency, so we decided to go with that. Once again, I noticed how having had the snorkeling training 12 years ago helped me very much. Long after the rest of our group was already tired and back on board the boat, I was still diving around the reef we went to. I even saw a morene (a big ass predator sea-snake type of creature) lurking at me from a crack in the ocean floor. Amazing!

One of the girls that went with us, was really afraid to go snorkeling. With some mental help from yours truely however, she conquered her fears and even managed to enjoy it after a while.

With this great visit to these wonderful people in Samara, my time in Costa Rica had already come to an end. It had (as always) gone completely different from what I had imagined when I arrived, but it was great nonetheless. Now, it was time to embark on my way back to Europe.

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