30 Sep 2009

Computer fixin’ time!

Posted by walterheck

On monday it was time to head to my next destination: Turrialba. When I originally sent out the emergency message to find accomodation to heal my foot, there was another person that responded and offered me a place to stay. These two Americans were living in a big villa in Turrialba, running their US-based companies from there.

The tome of communication was very warm and friendly, so I knew I was missing out by not going there. They also had 10 (!) computers that needed fixing or just a checkup, a number that was pretty intriguing for a 2-person show. I decided I should go and visit them anyway, so while I was in PV I had already made arrangements to go visit them.

I took some busses to and from San Jose, and a few hours later I arrived at the bus terminal in Turrialba. The road to Turrialba was really nice, winding through the hills with some stretches being very narrow. It really made me feel like I was going to some secluded place.

When I got to the bus terminal, I phoned Ted to let him know and he came and picked me up. I had already thought that they might be gay, since they were two guys living together. That was quickly confirmed when Ted told me afetr two minutes that I should know that they had a recurring date every firday afternoon to have “hot steamy gay sex on viagra”. He told me like someone tells you you should know they have cats or something :) Of course I don’t really mind, as long as I’m not around and/or have to witness that :)

The house was a beautiful big house up in the hills overlooking the Turrialba vulcano and the valley in front of it. They had first bought the ground and lived in a smaller house in the front of the property, and later decidedto build their current house a bit further down, but with a much nicer view and a lot bigger. I immediately got along with both Ted and Jean-Paul. They told me I looked like Ted’s son (Ted had been married to a woman before he realised he was gay), and later they told me I was almost an exact copy, only better. Quite the compliment, haha.

Ted had been working for Bill Clinton in Arkansas when he was still governor there, so he had loads of interesting stories to tell about the American political system. He’s also very much interested in the economy and the turbulent times we live in, so we had a lot of very interesting conversations about that.

Jean-Paul on the other hand was refurbishing their old house completely, basically only keeping the outer walls. He also showed me around the coffee farm (which they didn’t use for growing coffee by the way 😉 ) and he made me smile with his big love for the animals around the house.

They are a really nice couple and very open-minded. I might eb stereotyping here, but I find that in general I get along very well with gay couples. Maybe it is because they are not afraid to be themselves or of what other people think. We had soem very interesting conversations about their experiences with the ‘civilization’ around them.

Oh yeah, and I also fixed most of their computers, haha. In general I had a really good time at their place. The week went by pretty fast. But, after a week it was time to leave and go visit my friends of the Couchsurfing collective in Samara, something I was looking forward to very much.

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