28 Sep 2009

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-28

Posted by walterheck

  • was feeding live bugs to a chameleon within 15 minutes of entering my hosts’ apartment. #couchsurfing rules! Today Turkish market and guac! #
  • entering surreal mode, realising i fly to thailand in less then 5 hours. #lip #exciting #
  • Arrived in Bangkok. A bit jet-lagged, a bit culture-shocked and already explored a bit of the area i’m in.Beautiful colors,wonderful smells! #
  • Had a super-nice first thai dinner, learned a lot (yay #couchsurfing!) and now going to relax with the movie “lesbian vampire killers” (?!) #
  • just watched “adam resurrection”: wow! And here I was thinking Jeff Goldblum sucks. #impressive #movie #
  • #NSFW: is clearly too big for thailand:stuck his head out of the boat roof yesterday and now dipped his balls in toilet bowl(while sitting)! #
  • Is trying his best to eat vegetarian, but what looks veggie on the picture often still has meat in it. Decided to cut myself some slack :) #

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