28 Sep 2009

Fun and ICCCR work meeting

Posted by walterheck

Leaving Puerto Viejo, I once again headed back to San Jose. I stayed with a friendly couchsurfer who was a sculptor. I loosely planned to attend the International Couchsurfing Day gathering in SJ, but my host told me that he would know better places to go, so we decided to go out with him and some of his friends in downtown San Jose. Once again, I was very grateful for couchsurfing as the area that we went out in is not really one that you want to go as a barely Spanish speaking Gringo. We went to a couple of nice bars and had a good time.

The next day I headed over to Atenas to meet up with Kelly and some ICCCR people. They had organised a weekend there so we could all meet up and discuss things ICCCR. This was basically my first time heading somewhere by myself without having been there before, so I was a bit excited about finding my way to the house in the outskirts of Atenas. Everything worked out and I got on the right busses and basically got there without any trouble. Score!

I spent a very nice two days with Kelly, Amelia and a bunch of others. I had never met Amelia before, but we’d been in email contact quite a bit. She had been so kind, bringing my old laptop from teh states for me (my mom shipped it there). I finally had a computer of my own again.

There was a very nice pool in the backyard, so we chilled and talked while often being in the pool. Life can be so tough 😉

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One Response to “Fun and ICCCR work meeting”

  1. Ha! You missed the BEST part of the meeting…we all made home-popped popcorn and watched “Barbarella”…perhaps the WORST film ever made!!!


    Kelly N Patterson