24 Sep 2009

Starting over

Posted by walterheck

I dragged myself with full backpack and foot-in-a-cast onto the public bus from Londres – Quepos (25 Km over dirt roads!), then the 4,5 hour bus ride from Quepos to San Jose and then with a taxi to the rendez-vous point with my host. Brian turned out to be a very cool guy and he picked me up with his car. He took me with his girlfriend to this amazing little movie theater behind a pub. In that theater, they were playing two documentaries, after which there was a dicsussion on the topic of the two docu’s. The first docu was very short and incredibly weird. Everybody seemed to agree on that. The secon doc however was about dicsrimination of black people in Argentina. There was a big parallel with Costa Rica, since they have a mosly black population on the caribbean coast that gets neglected and discriminated against. Even though I had a hard time following the conversation, I was once again baffled at the opportunities I have gotten through couchsurfing. We decided to spend the night at his girlfriend’s house and unfortunatly the following day it was already time to go again.

The family I was going to stay with next in Puerto Viejo was running a lodging establishment. I was in luck since they had a group of women come in with private transportation all the way from San Jose Airport to Puerto Viejo (a 4-5 hour drive).

Brian and his girlfriend dropped me off at the bus stationa and I took a bus to the airport. I waited around for a bit to find a driver and partner that looked like the description I had received from Wendy (=the woman that is running the lodging place together with her husband).

I found them later and the women showed up not too much later. We hopped in a minivan and were on our way. Now, I don’t know if any of you’ve ever spent 5 hours in a van with 5 tipsy middle-aged women that are on a party-holiday to CR, but I enjoyed it 🙂 Basically a 5 hour long episode of sex and the city, quite entertaining 🙂

We had good weather most of the ride, until we almost hit Puerto Viejo. All hell broke loose as thunder, lightning and severe rains bashed down on us. We arrived in the pouring rain, the van could barely drive up the dirt road that led from the village to the lodges.

We arrived and i met Wendy and her family and the dogs. Her 16-year old sun almost immediately asked me if I ‘smoked’, and within 15 minutes of arriving at their house, I was getting stoned. I knew this was going to be a nice family to stay with then and there.

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