22 Sep 2009

Shit, fan, ouch!

Posted by walterheck

At this point, we were a bit doubtful over what to do: it was clear that we couldn’t go run around CR with me and my foot. A place that Kelly had high hopes for to be our homebase, didn’t respond to enquiries anymore. We couldn’t take the ruisk of just showing up, because the owner was somewhere in Europe. After a bit of thinking, we decided that it would be best to return back to Londres, near Quepos. That farm had been Kelly’s homebase for a while, but the owner turned out to be a bit weird (starting to see the pattern with american expats in CR here? 😉 )

Nevertheless, it seemed like the best choice to go and pick up some of Kelly’s stuff and regroup. We got on the bus to Quepos. Kelly was already pretty stressed at that time. I could see that she was very worried, so I tried not to bother her too much. Later, she told me that she felt on the bus already that something was wrong.

Of course, this being Costa Rica, the bus was late to arrive, so we missed the last bus from Quepos to Londres (somewhat 20 Km). There was no other option than to take a taxi. Luckily they are pretty cheap in CR, so it wasn’t that big of a deal.

When we got to the farm, I saw what she meant when she said it was a craphole: It was a heavily neglected house on an even more neglected piece of land. Even an amateur like me could see that with a little hard work, this could be a magical place!

When we walked onto the porch, Kelly immediately started seeing things that weren’t there before we left. Somebody had been here since she left over a week before! Amelia (Kelly’s friend and CR travelmate) was in the states and Elena (the owner) was in transit on a sailboat. When we went inside, we saw signs there as well. We checked all the rooms and everything seemed to be there, including Elena and Kelly’s left-behind luggage. Kelly showed me around and then I went to unpack my bag and get settled.

Just a few minutes later, Kelly comes running from her room, screaming that her computer is gone. At first I thought that she just misplaced it or just didn’t llok good enough, but pretty soon it became apparent that it really was gone.

Now, for a lot of people having a laptop stolen would suck balls, but for Kelly it was even worse. She has been through so many things in her life, you could write a book on it and then not even cover everything. Her laptop was the last physical thing she was attached to on this planet. It had pictures on it of her family, a big music collection that is hard to replace. On top of that, she had a lot of writing she has done in the past on that computer. As she is not exactly a computer-wizard, she didn’t really make backups.

Long story short, Kelly went into full nervous breakdown (and i totally understood, although it wasn’t fun to be there). After a day or so (of me hiding in my room behind the computer), she calmed down a bit and we could start talking about what to do. Kelly is not exactly the richest person on the planet (like me) so a new laptop was going to be a problem. As she used that for generating income, we had a serious problem. Kelly told me that she would need a few weeks to get to a mental state where she could start orking on icccr again, and it seemed like there was only one option left. We decided to freeze icccr plans for now, and I would go and look for a place to heal my foot for a few weeks. It wasn’t a lot of fun to cancel the thing that had formed the purpose of my trip to CR in the first place, but seeing as I also had a broken foot, it was just the sanest thing to do.

I started looking for alternatives: at first I thought about couchsurfing, but since I was looking for a place to stay for several weeks, I didn’t think CS was going to be a very good idea. Then, I figured something: I am a skilled IT-guy and CR is full of people looking for people like me. I also remembered some yahoo group targeted at Expats living in Costa Rica. Combining those two, I decided to put a call for help on that list: I was looking for a cheap/free place to stay and i had knowledge to offer for it in return.

Within hours I had the first reply: a family from the other side of CR would have a place to stay for me for over a month. I immediately felt this was a good oportunity, so I took it without much further thinking. Since it was on the exact opposite side of the country, I then looked for a cocuh in San Jose to break the trip. The next morning it was time to say goodbye. It felt very weird and I felt guilty for leaving Kelly behind in this state, but we both knew that this was just for the best.

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