21 Sep 2009

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-21

Posted by walterheck

  • managed weed out his folder of unseen movies to a measly 118. That should get me through the flight to Thailand 🙂 #
  • just slept away 2 full hours of his 2nd to last day in NL for a long time. Sometimes I could do without #narcolepsy 🙂 #
  • I’m following these 79 people, but they’re not following me back. http://friendorfollow.com/walterheck/following/ shame on you! #
  • is frustrated over the childish behavior of a bunch of people that are far older then me. Why can’t people just play nice and communicate 🙁 #
  • actually managed to finish the Costa Rica blog chronicles. Will start posting soon, right before going on a new adventure to Thailand! #
  • my last full day in my mom’s place for possibly the next 2 years. Feels strange! Todo-list still long enough to last for weeks 🙂 #
  • wow, american republicans opposing healthcare. Left me speechless for a bit: http://bit.ly/tMl3p #
  • 6 new blog posts up, a few more coming, yay! #costaricachronicles #
  • last full day in Holland. Filled with a wedding, good friends, love and happiness, yay! #
  • Had a bitch of a hitch to reach Berlin, but made it! (tip: don’t hitch on car-free sunday in Holland, forget glasses, take wrong turns, etc) #

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