16 Sep 2009

Arriving in Costa Rica

Posted by walterheck

This would probably be the right time to tell you what brought me to Costa Rica in the first place. A few months back, I had started working with Kelly on an organization she was setting up in CR. There are a lot of intentional and conscious communities in CR; communities focused on ecology, nature preserve, spirituality and similar things. They are all in need of the same things, but they are not networked at all. The ICCCR, the organization Kelly is setting up, aims to fill that void.

For those of you who are wondering who the hell Kelly is: she and I were roommates when I was working for couchsurfing up in Alaska. We became good friends there and I kept in touch with her afterwards.

I have been doing most of the tech stuff for her, and we decided that it would be much easier for us to work together if we were in the same room. Kelly’s friend Amelia eventually bought me a plane ticket to come down to CR, as neither Kelly nor I could afford that ourselves. Back to the main story 🙂

Arriving in Ft Lauderdale, I decided to stumble my way to the next plane, too proud to take a wheelchair. Remember, at this time I still thought it was a bruised instead of a broken ankle. I started to understand why people sometimes don’t want help when they can obviously use some. I spent the 4 hours or so watching stuff on my laptop and working a bit.

When I arrived in San Jose airport, Kelly was there waiting for me. I was really happy to see her again. She had found us a place to stay in Escazu, a small elite town bordering San Jose. We needed to catch a few busses to get there, and Kelly explained to me that getting there was not as easy as just finding the address: most places don’t have addresses at all! Anyway, we stumbled on and eventually made it to close to where we needed to be. But that was the easy part. It was pouring rain and we had poor directions. We walked around for a bit, asking people for directions. That is also interesting: tico’s (that’s what people from costa rica are called) will always give you directions, even when they have no clue where you wanna go. Needless to say we got ‘a bit’ lost.

Kelly was not doing so great health wise, so she was a bit afraid to catch pneumonia. Eventually we gave up and called the place we had to go to. Roy, a friend and future coworker of Kelly’s took a taxi and came to pick us up. We were happy to see him.

The guesthouse we were staying at was a bit strange: we were the only guests there. The owner, nicknamed ‘sarong goddess’ was an expat from the U.S. who had been living there for 4 years. Yet, she hardly spoke Spanish at all. She was very friendly, but in a weird way.

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4 Responses to “Arriving in Costa Rica”

  1. Since I saw you last time at Sjoerds place I do believe in miracles again!!!

    Walter as a vegetarian! :O



  2. Mathieu, that is my sole purpose on this planet: to make you believe!



  3. Cool, Costa Rica is beautiful and it must’ve been a good experience working on the project.

    Was the project called Getting Gay with Kids by any chance??
    Haha sorry, South Park joke.



  4. You’re not becoming one of those Jehovahs, right?