14 Sep 2009

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-14

Posted by walterheck

  • thai visa, attempt number 2! (and thank you for making me spend a day with good friends!) #
  • Noooooo! My iPod stopped working. How am I supposed to zen my way through the day without ear-deafening death metal??? #
  • I’m feeling all mushy, seeing pics of my old cat Doerak + her new friends. Glad to see she’s still alive and being sweet as ever! miss you! #
  • RAWK! The return of the iPod! Bring on that ear-deathening deaf metal (as my friend called it 🙂 ) #
  • Working from the 6th floor of the Rotterdam public library. In the processof convincing good friends to visit me in Thailand, yay! #
  • WTF??!? This library blocks IRC and SSH traffic 🙁 #
  • spent 2 days in his old house, with most of his old stuff still in the same place. Total twilight experience like I never left. Weird! #
  • probably rule no. 1 in the IT industry (and possibly life): assume the other party is stupid until proven otherwise (3am toilet wisdom) #
  • just picked up my thai visum. Getting more and more excited every day! #

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