24 Aug 2009

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-24

Posted by walterheck

  • http://bit.ly/rD4ZN #
  • Haha, PETA treats women horribly: http://bit.ly/rD4ZN #
  • leaving NL (again 😉 ) to #hitchhike to Bonn for #froscon this weekend. only 342Km to go before 8pm. See you in 11 days! #
  • arrived at #Froscon, helping out from HQ. #Couchsurfing with a very super-interesting pakistani. Finishing up my talk for Sat. #
  • checked into the hotel at #froscon, checked out the room i’m speaking in and the #opensqlcamp room (small!). Sinned last night,ate chicken:( #
  • my friend Kenny will show you by example why hitchhiking in Mexico is not always very safe (duh!): http://is.gd/2rPPp #
  • ‘testing’ the internet in the VIP room at #froscon. It works. BBQ in few minutes, this time i won’t sin 🙂 Exhausted from helping all day! #
  • sitting through a first shift at the main entrance at #froscon. 3 hours of sleep, but there’s awful coffee at least 🙂 #
  • Got some extra sleep and tested my #froscon presentation on.. well.. me. Took a whopping 57 minutes to say all i wanted to. I’m ready! #
  • just caught the tail-end of @sheeri’s presentation and now watching Jan K’s pres. on MySQL proxy. 1h13 min until my own talk in HS5 #froscon #
  • finished my talk, all went great, yay! If you saw me talk at #froscon, rate it here: http://bit.ly/kmE8P #
  • just blogged about the first day of #froscon: http://bit.ly/q6aOl #
  • attending the OSS Db shootout. Speakers from PostgreSQL, MySQL, CouchDB, Firebird, Blackray, Apache Derby. Should be interesting! #froscon #
  • getting ready to hitch to Nijmegen to see some old high-school friends. Looking forward to it already! roughly 200Km to go! #

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