16 Jun 2009

Back in Vegas, sooner then expected

Posted by walterheck

On sunday, it was time for Vegas again. I was in no particular rush as it didn’t seem too far to Vegas and there was only one serious town on the whole 200 mile stretch.The first guy tat picked me up had no windshield. All I could make out from his mumbling ramblings was that he was a handyman trying to make ends meet. His car was temporary, but it was an absolute wreck. The town he dropped me off at was weird. He told me it was built as a commuter town for commuters in LA, but that it got hit severely by the crisis. Only about half the houses were inhabited, and all the businesses surrounding the town were having severe problems because of that.
I got picked up rather quickly though by two cool guys in a pickup. They were living in Vegas and heading all the way there. The driver was the boyfriend of the other guy’s mom. He told me that he radically changed his life a couple of years ago. He used to do a lot of bad things (he looked like your average gang member, no offense) but had now decided to do good things and be an example for the kid as to what to do and what not to do with your life. I am always very impressed with people like that, as I reckon it takes a lot of guts and effort to get out of a world like that.
We stopped only once and after that they dropped me off right at the end of the strip where I had started my US trip just short of a month earlier. Who knew I was gonna be back here this soon, let alone to fly to Costa Rica??
I was gonna stay with Mandie, whom we met the last time I was here. She was working this night, and since she was working on the strip, we decided to meet there. I walked to the place she works at (which of course was on the other side of the strip 🙂 ) and gave her a call. She told me where I could drop off my bag and what time we could meet. I dropped my bag off and then found a quiet place to sit and do some work. Vegas is not really an interesting place if you’re not there for the first time, don’t have any money and are by yourself 🙂
I headed back in time to go meet her after work and before some party she was going to. She gave me her phone so she could call me when she was leaving the party and I went back to work in the mean time. we met up a few hours later and headed back to her place. We went to bed pretty soon after coming home and that was fine with me as I was pretty tired anyway.

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