15 Jun 2009

Shooting some lines

Posted by walterheck

The next day I had decided that I needed to buy a new camera. I really couldn’t afford it, but since they are cheap in the US and I had all the beauty of Costa Rica right in front of me, I decided I needed to spend my last bit of savings on it. With some work ahead of me, I was reasonably sure that I would have at least some form of income coming, so I took the gamble.Another reason I had mixed feelings over buying a new one was that my old one was such an awesome camera. The casio exilim are super nice camera’s and no expensive at all. Problem is, they are hard to find in stores for some reason, and I didn’t have time to order online.
Last reason was that for someone who has been living off of 2 to 3 euro a day for the past months, 200 euro is a _lot_ of money. I have really become feeling like it is ridiculous to consume so much, a near 180 degree turn from when I was still living in Holland with dreams of 50 inch plasma’s and 27 inch monitors.
Farley’s mom and I went to pick it up. Back home, I started making test pictures. They turned out okay, although I wasn’t too happy about the overall feel from the camera. I dismissed that as me being inflexible to change however 🙂
Then, after a few hours, I noticed line in a picture. I looked closer, and found that same line to be there in every picture I had taken so far. I confirmed in a few different ways that it was indeed the camera. Then, Farley’s mom was nice enough to take me back to the store to exchange it. The new one didn’t have the same troubles (verified in the store!)
I spent the evening talking away, ending the night in the hot tub with Andrew’s brother and girlfriend and his mom, enjoying some beers.

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