13 Jun 2009

Getting close to swineflue territory!

Posted by walterheck

The next few days I spent in San Diego catching up on work, hanging out with Andy and his wife when they were off work and I even made it out of the house during the day one day 🙂I decided I wanted to go to the Mexican border, and possibly even into Tijuana. I had a couple of reasons for going down there. First, my plan was to pick up a special kind of hot sauce you can only get in Mexico for my buddy Duke. I know he loves that stuff, and he dropped nearly a full bottle of it in Helsinki when I was there last December.
Next, I figured I was close to Mexico and just wanted to dip into the country. Third (and most ridiculously 😉 ), I had seen the Mexican border-crossing on many a TV show, not the least of which called ‘weeds’ and just wanted to see it for myself 🙂
Anyway, halfway there the concentration of mouth-capped people was getting really high, which got me thinking. I realized that crossing through Mexican customs would put a Mexican stamp on my passport. Since I had an international flight to Costa Rica ahead of me, I figured it might not be the best idea in the world to have a stamp from the country that was the center of all swine flue attention in my passport. So, I got to the border, walked around a bit and made some pictures of the border crossing (which was probably illegal and makes me a terrorist, haha 🙂 ).
Then, I headed back up to San Diego, which was an interesting half-hour tram ride away. I went to see a historical site that explained the history of San Diego. Quite nice, but horribly touristy. After that, I decided to get on the first bus I could find and ride it until I had enough of it. Then I returned home.
We went out for dinner a couple of nights, and I cooked a couple of nights.
The couch was really cool: Andy has this garage with a pool table and a fuss-ball table in it, and a home made beer tap. We spent one night playing pool (which I love) and drinking home-brew beer (also, loved it 😉 ). All in all, very good times, and once again I was almost sad that I had to leave.

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2 Responses to “Getting close to swineflue territory!”

  1. hey. you know i love you.

    YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!

    seriuously. you do suck. and Lauri agrees.

    (i wish i waz me seeing all those places)



  2. Haha, I love you too, Tiina! I’m thinking of swinging by Helsinki again in the next few months. Not sure yet. though 🙂

    Say hi to Lauri for me!