12 Jun 2009

Am I crazy for hitchhiking out of LA? The hustler that gave me a ride thought so!

Posted by walterheck

The next day things were going to get interesting: I was in the middle of the metropolitan area of LA and was dead set on hitchhiking my way out of there. I was right next to the airport though, so I figured if there was any traffic leaving the city it would be coming from there. So, I found a nice spot that all traffic going in my direction would pass by. I was in direct line of sight of a group of police officers having a break under a bridge. I figured that would stop the weirdest people from bothering me. They looked and looked at me, but never came over to tell me I couldn’t be there. In the next 2 hours, 4 cars stopped. All of them were police officers, either in police cars or not. They all tried to convince me that I couldn’t be there, but I decided to try my luck and tell them that was not true. I was on a pave walk on the public road. They all grudgingly agreed that I could indeed be there, and then declared me crazy for _wanting_ to be there 🙂
The ride I got out of there turned out to be a hustler, and probably one of my more interesting rides ever. First off, I noticed the car was clearly stolen since the ignition key thingie was totally gone and he started the car with a switch that was where you see people hot-wiring cars in movies (sorry, not too much real-life experience with the whole hot-wiring 🙂 )
Then, he probably though I had a lot of money and thought he could make some off of me. Bummer for him to find out I had 13 bucks and was not gonna give him more then 5 for getting me out of there. He gave me a ride, explaining the things he was doing to make money and that LA is a hellhole and I was crazy for hitching out of there. He made some comment about people wanting to know what was in my backpack which I quickly discarded by saying it was dirty clothing and a tent/sleeping gear. I think he only half believed me. Anyway, it probably sounds worse then it was, cos I didn’t feel unsafe at any point. He dropped me off a good deal down the road.
The rest of the day was spent getting to San Diego. It was hard, but not ridiculously hard. I found a few great onramps, and the people that picked me up were nice and interesting as they always are. I made it to San Diego even earlier then I expected and got dropped off right at my friend Andy’s house. He turned out to not be at home, but after a while I found his roommate at home. Problem was that he was a relatively new guy and didn’t know anything about me arriving there, so he was kind of reluctant to let me in (duh!). He did let me drop my bag off, so I just took the bare necessities (water, daypack and laptop) and went to a park he told me was nearby.
I returned back to the house later when Andy was there. It was great to meet him again and he and his wife are just wonderful people in a great house in an awesome city. This was a recipe for good times!

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3 Responses to “Am I crazy for hitchhiking out of LA? The hustler that gave me a ride thought so!”

  1. you’re nuts! LA is scary



  2. Haha, I thought it was fun, actually. The hustler was such a stereotype charcter, it was just funny 🙂



  3. Ha ha ha, Walter, you are indeed a thrill seeker! Nice to hear you made it out of LA safely 🙂 xx