11 Jun 2009

Down in to Los Angeles

Posted by walterheck

After a few cars, one actually pulled over. Inside were my soon to be new friends Skye and Tarik. They were on a trip down the coast. Skye was living in the area and Tarik had come down from Kansas City where they were both from (well, Tarik was originally from Morocco, but for now he was living and studying in Kansas City).
We immediately got along very well, and it turned out they weren’t in any kind of a rush either, they were going to camp out that night as well and they were heading down to LA the next day.
We found an abandoned parking lot that was used for daytime-parking and dropped the car there. We then walked quite a bit through the bushes so we would be far enough away from the car to not be seen by rangers or other people coming around.
We put up our tents and had dinner with whatever we had, nice and easy. I was carrying white bread and cream cheese (some of the cheapest food you can find 😉 ) and they had some strawberries and survival kits from an outdoor store. We had a bit of my booze and their beer and wine and talked about life and such. I went to bed very satisfied that night 🙂
The next day we got up early and decided to have breakfast along the way. We got our stuff together and went back to the car, only to find a preliminary parking ticket saying that it was not allowed to put your car there for the night. The car that was parked half on the narrow road just outside the lot didn’t have a ticket though, so it made no sense whatsoever 🙂
We started driving and stopped off at the first bar/coffee shop. It had a beautiful view, so we had breakfast there and then wet on our way. At first Skye and Tarik were not going to go along the 101 all the way to LA because it was still quite far and they needed to get there that day. Luckily that changed as we went down the road and so we could stay together until LA
We stopped off at a beach that had hundreds of seals resting on them. It was fenced off to prevent people from disturbing the seals, but you could still get very close. Quite the amazing place!
The rest of the day was spent driving down the coast. When I was a little boy I used to follow a soap series on TV called Santa Barbara. I’d skip classes for it, actually 🙂 So you can imagine I was sort of curious to drive through Santa Barbara for real this day. It wasn’t anywhere near exciting though.
When we got closer to LA, we decided to go to Venice Beach. Skye called a friend of his living close by and he and his girlfriend came out to have dinner with us. Meanwhile, Venice Beach is quite the experience: it is a place with many different cultures side by side. People are trying to sell all kinds of things, from tarot readings to shock-art and from pipes to souvenirs. Meanwhile, the atmosphere is very explosive. There are a lot of ‘poor’ people there and you really get the feeling that every second stuff could be going wrong.
We went to this huge drum circle on the beach, but it wasn’t a lot of fun as the tension got even higher because of some hot girls dancing.
We left the beach to go have dinner at some chili place nearby. It was very good, as promised and they had huge margarita’s so it was a good dinner 😉
After dinner, we had to figure something out for the night. It was dark already, and I was in the middle of LA Just around the time I was starting to worry about where to spend the night, Skye and Tarik told me they were spending the night at a hotel close to the airport and I was welcome to crash on the floor. Sweet!
We went to a hotel and after we checked in Skye decided to hit the road that evening so he would get back home that night and not have a crazy day to get to work the next morning. So I ended up staying with Tarik in that hotel, that none of us paid for. Skye, thank you very much again!

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