27 May 2009

Easing my way down to Santa Clara, CA

Posted by walterheck

It was saturday early evening 6pm when Donna had to go to some party closeby and first dropped Kenny off on one end of Chico and then me on the other end. It was around 30 miles to the freeway, and a couple hundred more to get to Santa Clara. I had all the time in the world, as I had agreed to meet my new host Julie in Santa Clara before Sunday evening 7pm.

getting to the freeway was reasonably easy. One guy picked me up with his whole family in the car and before dropping me off we drove to his house where he gave me a small bag of greenleaf. When he dropped me off at the freeway, i tried hitching until well after dark, but didn’t have any luck. I walked into a field nearby to find a place to sleep. I chose to set up shop in the middle of the meadow, knowing noone could see me there from the road. I started unpacking my tent when I decided to sleep out in the open, looking at the stars whenever I woke up. I draped my tent over my sleeping bag so that the dew wouldn’t get me soaked.

I had a couple of beers we had bought that day and enjoyed them gazing at the stars in teh middle of the field, realising most people would probably think that was ridiculous. I hoever felt completely and utterly in synch with my situation and the universe. The following day I got up early and started to hitch. It was sunday morning 8am or so, so there was almost no traffic on the road at all.

It turned out to be near impossible to get a ride. I waited for many hours, walking to the next onramp and back again (it was even worse there 😉 ). In the end, teh same guy picked me up that had dropped me off the day before, a good 17 hours later. he was once again with his family, this time on his way to the next town.

The rest of the rides were all really nice. The last guy took me to his home/trailer to show me some AC/DC dvd and meet his wife. He then brought me all the way to Santa Clara (He lived in San Jose), dropping me off at Julie’s place.

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3 Responses to “Easing my way down to Santa Clara, CA”

  1. sleeping under the stars kix ass 🙂



  2. I drank beers from the same six pack that night looking up at the stars just past Reno in my little hitchhiking campsite off the road… ah how it goes.


    Kenny Flannery

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