26 May 2009

Visiting Donna up in Chico

Posted by walterheck

On wednesday night I had (and more importantly, he had 🙂 ) some time to catch up with Casey.We had been good friends back in Rotterdam during the collective there and during many chat conversations. In Alaska, he was very busy and we didn’t get much time to just hang out and be friends. Now, he had a whole evening of time, so we set out to walk up the hill behind the house and look out over San Francisco on the other side of the bay, by night. Very beautiful! We talked about life, traveling and why I became disappointed in volunteering for CS. I had tried to steer clear of that subject, since I felt that our friendship was more important and I preferred talking about other things, but it came up in the end. We went for a beer and had some good chats. It felt good to catch up with an old friend, like it always does 🙂

On thursday, Kenny and me decided to go visit Donna up in Chico. Donna is a good friend i have worked with in couchsurfing and surfed with on my way from Brasil to Alaska. She is one of those cool hippy-moms, and a blast to hang out with. We politely peer-pressured Casey Ann into dropping us off at a good onramp, and we were on our way. The hitch was very easy, we got a 1980’s mercedes that was customised and had even run on veggie-oil a couple of times. The guy was really laid back and told us that he was happy to pick us up since he was actually feeling guilty about driving his car up to Portland just by himself. Needless to say we were happy to help out 🙂

The second (and last, lucky us!) ride was a 4×4 pickup truck that ran an impressive 3 miles to the gallon. The boy driving it proudly told us that it was using more fuel then a fire truck. He and his girlfriend dropped us off all the way at Donna’s place, which was very nice of him. She wasn’t home yet, but she had put some cold beers in her outside freezer. We chilled in the backyard until she arrived, I was happy to see her again 🙂
As Donna is an expert cook, she cooked an amazing meal while we watched and helped. We also made magic cookies with some extremely potent butter, very nice!

The next day we worked hard physical labour on her farm, happy to help her out for a change. After work, we went home and later went out for drinks and dinner, paid for by a friend of Donna’s. To top the day off, she gave each of us a very welcome 40 bucks for working so hard that day. We had a wonderful stake dinner and went to see a local band playign afterwards. Donna has been in Chico for 30 years or so, so going out with her is pretty nice as she seems to know everybody in town.

The next day we slept in a little and then went to take care of some business. I had no business cards yet for the conference (miscommunication with Arjen and fuckup from my side 🙂 ) and Donna is the bookkeeper for a professional printshop. She hooked me up and we went to the farmer’s market in Chico while we were at it. All this on a bike, and Chico is a wonderfully lush, green village with a beautiful park. A pleasure to ride through. We went to visit a local beer brewery as well, since kenny is a ridiculous beer-freak. We bought some beers for later to share while on the road.

After that, kenny and me decided on a whim to split ways, him to go see his friend in Salt Lake City, me to go to Santa Clara to get ready for the mysql conference I came to the states for. We agreed to meet up a week later to travel south together. Little did we know at that point in time that we would not meet up again before I would leave the states. I guess that is how we both travel: living from day to day, going with the flow and the plans that come with that flow 🙂

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  1. So pleased you had a good time catching up with all these lovely folk! I haven’t yet made it to Donna’s at Chico, but reports from those that have are always glowing…I will make it there one day! Happy to keep hearing about your adventures…keep these posts rollin’. Big hugs, M xx