25 May 2009

Leaving Las Vegas, Sacramento and BaseCamp

Posted by walterheck

the next day we were forced to leave vegas early, so we were invited to get a ride with Kenny’s friends to Sacramento. It was an 8 hour drive that was quite interesting to em and boring to the others. It’s basically desert most of the way, but when it is your first time seeing all of that massive landscape, it is actually quite impressive 🙂When we got to Sacramento we were even invited to stay the night there, so we did. The next morning we both felt that it was better to leave, as they were still quite disappointed over Kenny’s actions in Vegas that shortcut their vacation. On a whim we decided to go to Base Camp (the couchsurfing headquarters) in Berkeley. I called Casey to confirm they had place for us and we were actually welcome and after packing up our stuff we were dropped off on the highway.

Getting out of Sacramento turned out to be quite an ordeal. We spent all day hitching, walking and trying to find a good onramp. In the end, an hour or so before sunset, we decided to split up. I started first and Kenny waited out of sight. Luckily, I got a ride in less then 5 minutes all the way to berkeley. Kenny however was not so lucky. He ended up walking until deep in the night and sleeping outside. It would take him the better part of the next day to get to Berkeley, a mere 80 miles down the road.

I however, ended up in BaseCamp around sunset, very happy to see all of my friends again. There weren’t too many people there though, so I spent some time with the people that were “new” there. I went to bed not too late, satisfied but a little curious over Kenny’s destiny.

The next day was spent working and catching up in between. Slowly people started comign back from their weekend trips. One person I found in BaseCamp but hadn’t expected there was Erin, a girl i had surfed with in Vancouver last year. She was talking back then about changing her life and quitting her job, so I was pleasantly surprised to find her here.
The following day I spent all day shopping and running errands with Casey, Jim’s girlfriend that i met in Alaska. After that I cooked chilli for the whole house and we had a nice evening socialising.

One really sweet thing happened: my friends at BaseCamp gave me pictures they made when my dad had just passed away. The pictures are of the whole group in front of the house with a big sign saying “We Love Walter!”. After they made them they kind of forgot to give them to me, but even now they really made me feel warm and fuzzy inside (not just saying that, they really did!). Just knowing that such a great group of people on the other side of the planet was thinking of me and they all took the effort to go and do something like that is truely heart-warming! I missed all of these guys, and especially missed living with them!

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