14 May 2009

Kicked out of Vegas…

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Arriving at the airport in Vegas, I wanted to get to the strip by public bus as that is by far the cheapest. Not too much to my surprise though, nobody seemed to know anything about public busses. I found my own way there and even got on the bus for free because I only had a 20$ bill.
The bus dropped me off at the Sahara, from where I called my friend Kenny. Kenny had lined up 3 comped hotel rooms for the next 5 nights, so I was looking very much forward to that. When I called him though, he turned out to be at the MGM at the other end of the strip, a few miles down the road. I told him it would take me a while to get there and started walking. Besides teh fact that I was very tired, it was very nice to walk down the strip in the evening.. Let’s just say there is a lot to see.
We met up in the end in front of the Lion’s cage inside the MGM. And when I say Lion’s cage, I do mean an actual live Lion. Welcome to the craziness called Las Vegas!
It was good to see kenny again. We travelled together coming down from Alaska and I have been working with him on his site TripHopping for a good deal of time as well.

We waited for a third guy who was going to stay in the room with us and went up to the room. Funny thing was we were all flat broke, yet we were sitting in one of the pretty expensive hotels on the strip. We shared some booze I had left in my hip flask and went to bed.

Next day we woke up and checked out, moving our stuff over to the next hotel, THE hotel at Mandalay Bay. If I thought the last hotel was not too shabby, this was way topping it. We had a very nice suite with a separate living room and bedroom and big ass flatscreens in each room and even one in the bathroom. We got settled and then went for some food. We ended up at the Hooters casino, eating chicken wings and some beers we got with a big discount from some coupons. We spent the rest of the day walking around and playing the penny slots.
Later that day two of Kenny’s good friends showed up as well and we hung out all night together. They brought a big cooler full of beer and booze, so we got pretty drunk. As a good narcoleptic, I passed out after 1 am or so, but not before I had seen kenny get nasty drunk. He was annoying as hell by the time I lost track of the night. Luckily his friends were keeping an eye on them. Or so I thought… When I woke up at 5:30 or so, I noticed everyone was in the room besides Kenny. I knew that meant trouble. Long story short: he pissed off some girl and her boyfriend was not too amused. End of the story was that Kenny and the guy were both kicked off of all MGM property permanently. Most of the major casino’s on the strip are owned by MGM, so that was a problem.
It took us a while to find Kenny later that morning and by that time we ha found out that the third hotel we would be staying at was now no longr an option as Kenny was the one who needed to check in, but he was not allowed onto the property. Needless to say we were pretty pissed at him.
We could stay another night at the hotel we were already checked into though, so Kenny ended up sleeping in his friends’ car and we stayed in the hotel room.
That night we went to visit Fremont, an awesome street full of casino’s a few miles from the strip in downtown Las Vegas. They have a huge full color screen covering the whole street, maybe 150 meters long and at least 15 meters wide. We watched a demonstration of it an Kenny’s friends gambled for some sports games.

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2 Responses to “Kicked out of Vegas…”

  1. Such a shame you missed out on your last nights in the swanky comped rooms! Dear oh dear, that Kenny…never know what he can get up to do we!? God bless him though for even getting comped rooms in the first place. I remember how amazing it felt after slumming it as a hitching backpacker to be sitting in this great hotel room, sipping on champagne, all courtesy of Kenny’s players cards. You gotta hand it to him – he knows how to do Vegas, in every way! M xx



  2. “so Kenny ended up sleeping in his friends’ car and we stayed in the hotel room.”

    Haha, that’s harsh man… Oh well, I guess it’s his own fault for being such a lousy drunk.