12 May 2009

Heading down to London

Posted by walterheck

I exchanged my luggage at home and took care of some things that needed taking care of. I left late saturday afternoon to hitch to London, since my flight would leave from there on Tuesday afternoon. I found a couch with Davina, a friend of Tiina’s that had hosted Tiina and me almost 2 years ago.
The hitch was crazy, as usual. The first guy to pick me up was actually going 30 km in a completely different direction than I was going, but after talking for a few minutes he said that he loved to drive and had no plans for the next few hours so he decided to drive me all the way to Antwerp (120 Km in the opposite direction of his destination!).
He dropped me in the perfect spot right after Antwerp, I set up my tent and crawled in my sleeping bag. I realised I had somehow missed sleeping by teh side of the highway in a little tent in a grass field 🙂
The next day I got up, packed my tent and went to the gas station to get a coffee. While sipping my coffee, I noticed a car pulling up with the steering wheel on the wrong side (read: car from the UK, where I was heading). I was still 200 something Km away from calais (that’s where you take the ferry), but I decided to ask anyway. An english guy heading in that direction at 8 am on sunday morning was a pretty safe bet 🙂
He looked me up and looked me down, and then said yes. Sweet! We had some very interesting conversations about the idea he has for a website. I told him I could write some technical documentation for him, outlining what it is exactly he needs for what he wants. Even though he was a bit hesitant at first to take me across the canal (you cross a border that is not paert of schengen, so it is a bigger deal than say NL-BE border), he agreed in the end. He ended up driving me all the way to teh edge of London, from where I found my own way to Davina’s place.

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One Response to “Heading down to London”

  1. Davina rocks! I miss her. Great that you were able to stay with her. I’m am SO requesting her couch if i go back there. So, is everything as cheap as I hear it is, what with the pound being so low?

    Greets from Tallinn, ya big skinhead!