12 May 2009

1 wedding and no funeral

Posted by walterheck

After the cutting of the hair in Enschede, it was time to get over to Limburg to attend one of my best friends’ weddings. He chose me to be his best man, which I think is quite an honor.The hitch from Enschede to Limburg (200 Km) was teriibly chaotic with some big detours, but the weather was nice so I didn’t really care 🙂
The wedding was going to be very simple, but also very intimate. We just had a small group of friends and family, and some friends showed up at city hall unexpectedly but it was a very nice surprise!
After the ceremony we went out to dinner and had a very good time. I talked quite a bit with Jack’s dad. He lost his wife about 5 years ago and is completely broken by that. It made me realise all the more how proud I am of my mom that she is fighting so hard and handling it all so well!
I spent these days at my friend Eef’s house. She is also preparing to go traveling for an extended period of time and she is getting closer and closer. For her, now teh time starts where she is moving out of her apartment, has to say goodbye to her cat and many other big changes. I know exactly what she is going through and it is great to talk with her and remember how I felt before I left: Uncertain of my future, althoguh I was also extremely excited and knew good things were about to happen.

After the wedding and an additional day at Eef’s to get some work done, I headed back home to exchange my luggage from wedding luggage in a suitcase to traveling luggage in a (broken) backpack. Heading back home was again a very nice day of hitching: people going out of their way to drop me off and one guy who had just been telling me his company was suffering from teh crisis even insisted on giving me money when he took a detour to drop me off. As my mom said when I told her that: “Wow, I cannot believe how you always seem to meet such nice people when you are hitchhiking!”. For me, it has hardly ever been less then super. Sometimes there is the language barrier, but most of the time conversations are great and tend to get very philosophical the longer I stay in a car. I have also made it my goal in hicthhiking to tell people how important it is to not work too much and make sure you enjoy your life to the fullest extent. We only have a few years on this mudball, so we better enjoy it 🙂

This trip is going to be much more exciting than my previous trips, since i literally go to the states with 0 EU in my bankaccount. While this would have taken all the fun out of my trip 2 years ago, now I am only a little bit worried. I see that as a sign of how much I have actually changed in such a short time.
I know everything is going to work out and fully trust karma/the universe to come up with some solutions quickly. Working with Arjen should bring in cash soon enough, and hopefully my other endeavour with an organisation in Costa Rica will also start generating some revenue soon. Otherwise, I can always follow my original plan of balloon artist 🙂
Also, I am traveling at least for teh start of my trip with Kenny, who is a master at traveling without money. We are starting our trip with 4 free nights in two hotels on the strip in Las Vegas, how cool is that?!

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  1. mooi stukje waltie je weet wel waarom groetjes uit sittard



  2. Check it out, you’ve reinvented a very old philosophy: