9 May 2009

Exploring Barcelona with my awesome Mom!

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The next morning it was time to get my shiny behind to Barcelona to pick up my mom from the airport. Merce gave me a ride to the edge of Tarragona, where she studies. From there I had a ride all the way into Barcelona within minutes.
As always, when I was dropped off at the edge of the city I switched to public transport. I made my way to the airport to arrive just in time to be there before my mom.I was really looking forward to doing this trip with my mom. We had wanted to do it sooner, but the places I was in before didn’t appeal to her, and after that my dad passed away so it wasn’t a good time.
My mom is doing a lot better now, I could notice it during the next days in Barcelona. Of course she is not 100% okay yet, but considering it has been only 4 months I am very proud of her being such a strong woman!
The next days were spent in Barcelona talking with my mom about everything and anything, while seeing the famous sights Barcelona has to offer.
It was nice for me to stay in a hotel for a change, although it also felt strange not having a local host to interact with. One of the things that really stood out was Gaudi’s Sagrada Famiglia. Even though it is only half done and completely wrapped in scaffolding, it is already a very impressive piece of architecture!
One of the (many!) things I love so much about my mom is what happened the last night: after randomly finding a wonderful place to eat along the beach (yummy japanese food!) whoile walking home she said taht she felt liek getting on the first bus we would see and just stay on it until it got to the end or until we saw an underground stop. We did that and it was a lot of fun to ride around in dark barcelona without any clue where we were or where we were heading. How cool is my 63 year old mom?!
After a wonderful time in Barcelona, it was time to fly home. It was very strange for me to switch cultures that fast since i am normally hitching and thus it takes a lot longer to get home. It felt appropriate though to wake up on my birthday in barcelona and go to bed the same evening in the closest thing I have to a home right now 🙂

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2 Responses to “Exploring Barcelona with my awesome Mom!”

  1. Bedankt voor alle complimentjes



  2. Cool hoor, geen haar! Niemand hier herkende je.
    bon voyage