8 May 2009

Fulfilling a childhood dream: Salou

Posted by walterheck

On monday morning, it was time to leave again. I had one more stop before meeting my mother in Barcelona: Salou. I have always very explicitly not wanted to go there, so this was my chance to counter-fulfill that dream (does that sound strange?)

The thing is that Salou is a very famous holiday-destination for dutch teenagers. They go there by the busloads, only to lay on the beach and get drunk all day. Not exactly my idea of a nice holiday when I was 16, so I always despised the kids that would spend all their money going there.
Th daughter of the family that hosted me in L’Espluga de Francoli lived there, so I contacted her and she agreed to host me. Hitching there was pretty easy and the day was very eautiful, so I took my sweet time. I took a nice long nap in the warm spring-sunshine in the grass.
When I arrived in Salou, I had to entertain myself during the day as Merce only had time for me after 8pm. No problem though; I sat at the beach for a while and after that headed to the public library to get some work done.
I met merce at the train station later and we easily talked the night away. The next day she was going to school and would have a very busy day so I offered to cook for her. I spent most of my day at the library again, returnign home in time to have dinner ready for her when she arrived home. I found some fresh salmon in the supermarket that was cheaper than prepackaged salmon, so my simple dinner was extra yummy!
Again, we talked the rest of the night away.

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