7 May 2009

Las Fallas and the rest of my stay in the wonderful Valencia

Posted by walterheck

After I was done with the conference, I was just in time to get a very good spot for the Mascleta at the town hall square.
To understand what a Mascleta is, you would have to be there yourself, but here’s a little explanation:
In Valencia every year there is a festival called Las Fallas. It is the biggest festival of the year and it lasts a full week. Many wooden/paper mache statues are built and put in the middle of the street (consequently making navigating the city by car near impossible). Every day there are large parties, and at the last night all statues are burnt. Besides the tradition of the statues, there is also a lot of fireworks involved; kids light fireworks in the streets and every day at 2pm, a big and extremely loud fireworks display takes place in the center of the city. This display is called the Mascleta. It is basically 10-15 minutes of extremly loud explosions in various forms, rythms and strengths. Very impressive!
After the Fallas I went to the beach to put my feet in the mediterranean sea (and no more than that as it was freezing cold!). On the way back, I decided that I wanted to walk home instead of taking the subway. Walking through a city is always so much more interesting than moving underground. It took me around 2 hours to walk back, but the walk was very relaxing and I enjoyed it very much. I listened to the double album of Lauryn Hills MTV Unplugged session. It is filled not only with acoustic songs, but also with a lot of her talking. She had some very inspirational things to say and it deeply impressed me.
When I got home, the funniest thing happened: I told Nuno about the album I had just been listening to for 2 hours and he told me that of the 10 DVD’s they had in their apartment, that was one of them. Is that a coincidence or what?
During the rest of my time in Valencia we did several things. One day, mario and Nuno took me out of the city to visit Mario’s uncle. He lived in a small cabin up on a hill in the inland area 1 hour from Valencia. It was very nice being there and meeting him. We (or rather, Mario and his uncle) made a very very nice paella and enjoyd our afternoon talking about everythign and nothing.
During the weekend, another surfer stayed at Mario and Nuno’s place and I hung out with her during the weekend. We went to see another Mascleta, but as it was saturday it was kind of hard to even get on the square itself so we only listened to it from a side street.

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2 Responses to “Las Fallas and the rest of my stay in the wonderful Valencia”

  1. Between cutting your hair and listening to Lauren Hill I’m just gonna consider changing our friendship status to ‘to be reviewed’.



  2. hahahah… I agree with Paul!!