6 May 2009

The INTED 2009 conference in Valencia

Posted by walterheck

The reason I had been traveling for the past weeks was to make it all the way to Valencia: there was a conference on thenology and education that I selected to speak at. I created a paper and a presentation and got accepted. It was not only because I was hoping to generate some business, but also because I wanted to know what it was like speaking at a conference without throwing myself in the deep end of the pool. I chose an almost non-technical topic, so I could focus mostly on the presentation itself.
On Monday, the conference started. I made my way to the conference centre and quite early on realised that I had mistaken the crowd that would be there: Instead of people working in technical departments of educational institutions, it turned out to be mostly teachers and professors. I saw some interesting talks and was very confident when I saw the turnout on Monday.
Unfortunately, Tuesday (the day of my session) had only half the number of people attending. It was still a nicely sized group though. I set up the camera just before my session and went on stage. Everything went well and the talk was smooth. As I mentioned, the audience was very different from what i had thought, so I didn’t get much feedback. It was all okay thogh, since I mostly selected this conference to try out speaking to a larger group of people, which was a good exercise.
On wednesday, there was a horribly touristy (think 30 people in a tourbus with an actual guide) tour of Valencia which was included in the conference. It turned out to be quite informative and I met soem interesting people during the various tours.

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