5 May 2009

Arriving in Valencia

Posted by walterheck

Unfortunately I had to split the next day to make my way to Valencia. I thought it was going to be hard to hitchhike to Valencia, but it wasn’t, just as before. Somethign inconvenient happened though: when I was running towards a car that stopped, I fell and cut open my hands and my goretex rainpants. I wasn’t feeling bad about my hands, but the rainpants are quite a bummer. Luckily it only has small holes in it and summer is upon us, so if all goes well I won’t be needing it very much the next couple of months.

That’s what is happening lately: I am slowly running out of money and my gear is breaking down on me. It is high time for some work so I can start renewing some of the things that definitely need replacement. It doesn’t really matter though, I am still very happy to be living my life to the fullest extent possible!
The last guy giving me a ride for a few hundred kilometers was from Santo Domingo, so he had caribbean music playing the whole time. Combine that with the nice sunshine accompanying us and the temperature rising the more south we got, and you can imagine I was feeling very happy and relaxed.
The guy dropped me off at the edge of Valencia and I made my way into the city by public transport.
I initially found my hosts in Valencia because I asked on the Valencia group on couchsurfing if anyone possibly had a camera I could borrow to tape my talk at the conference I was going to. They offered me the camera and also offered me a couch. They were Nuno and Mario a very happy gay couple that made me look like a twig. They are happily married, something I didn’t know was legal in Spain. I spent my next day getting to know Nuno (Mario was at work and I didn’t meet him until the next day) and preparing for the conference. I bought a shirt so I would look somewhat presentable during the conference. Slowly I was getting more and more nervous, as it turned out there would be far more people at my session than I had initially thought.
On sunday, Mario came home and it was a pleasure meeting him. His job is working with teenagers from Marocco that have trouble integrating into Spanish society, very interesting. He also turned out to be a great cook and over the next days he would surprise me time after time by making the most delicious food. I had to get used to eating at 11pm for a bit, but it was all more than worth it!

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