1 May 2009

Move complete!

Posted by walterheck

I finally had some time to complete the move today. If you see anything broken, please let me know and i’ll fix it (in the next two years 😉 ). Welcome back to the site! I have a lot of posts lying around, and a lot more waiting to be written. I will be scheduling the old ones in the next days, one each day or maybe one every two days.

A lot has happened in he mean time. Long story _very_ short: I am now in San Diego, and I’m heading out to Las Vegas tomorrow, only to fly to Costa Rica for two months on Monday. I will be working from there for ICCCR and Open Query. For now it looks like we’ll be settling in this beautiful place: http://www.ciaricco.com/

More news soon!

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One Response to “Move complete!”

  1. Hurray, new stories! Hurry up, I’m bored!