8 Mar 2009

Grenoble and surroundings

Posted by walterheck

The next morning it was time to get out early, as I needed to hicth through Italy, across a border into France on a sunday. Add to that the need to leave a big city and you have yourself a challenge 🙂 Luckily, I was feeling much better. I took a bus to take me all the way across town to the best entry of the highway leading West. It took me quite a while to get my first ride, and it was raining too. The whole ride was quite uneventful but with soem very good rides. I ended up in Grenoble around 14.00.

I contacted Joel and he told me he could either pick me up after 19.00 or I could try hitching to his town by myself. Now, he lives in the mountains far above Grenoble in a little town around 10km from grenoble. I decided to spend my time trying to get all the way to his place and relieve him from having to pick me up at the same time. I took a tram across town and walked for quite a while until I got onto the main road to his town. I started hitching and I think it was the first or the second car that picked me up and brought me deep into the mountains to Joel’s house. It was a beuatiful location!

It was very nice to see Cecile and Joel again. I had only had very limited amounts of time to get to know them in Alaska, but I had felt we could get along very well. Also, all the people that did get the chance to get to know them were very enthusiastic about them. After Joel had brought his kids back to their mother, we had some dinner and nice conversations. They live together in the house I was in now, they are in the middle of redecorating the place. During the week though, Cecile lives in her apartment in Grenoble and Joel lives in a student-room in a small town about an hour out of Grenoble as he is studying cooking there.

The next day Joel and Cecile both had to work. I decided i wanted to stay another night, so after some practical thinking we decided that it would be best if i would spend my next night at Cecile’s place as she lives in the center of Grenoble, a much easier place to get out of then Le Sappey or the place Joel was going to go in. Joel dropped me off in the city center and I walked around for a bit. It was raining pretty badly. I hit the McDonald’s, not to eat anything but to use their free WiFi. I worked from there until it was time to get to Cecile’s place when she came home from work.

We cooked a nice semi-Nepalese, semi-French dinner and had some good conversations while having it. After that, it was already getting late and we decided to go to bed as we both had an exciting day ahead of us next: Cecile was having some meetings to find out what it would take to start a nursery in teh house in Le Sappey and I had a 652Km monster-hitch ahead of me to get my ass to Andorra.

The next morning we got up early, had some breakfast and then I went on my way to Andorra, leaving Cecile’s house well before 8.00.

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  1. He, wilde even laten weten dat ik je avonturen nog altijd lees. Ik ben aan het wachten op een volgend verhaal. Het verbeteren van een scriptie is nogal saai. Dus begeef je naar de volgende fastfood tent en schrijf nog eens wat. Wie weet kun je er op je oude dag nog eens een boek van maken.