7 Mar 2009

Sick in Torino

Posted by walterheck

Unfortunately it was time to leave for Torino after this very nice time in the Italian countryside. I know I say it a lot, but I would have loved to stay longer! Even though Torino was only 40Km away, I wanted to be there before darkness and taly had yet to prove it’s hitchability to me. So far it had lived up to it’s horrible reputation as a hitching country. I walked a few Km’s to the next main road intersection and started hitching. It took me a while and a very short ride with someone who felt sorry for me for being in teh wrong place to get to a decent spot with lots of traffic to Torino. I was picked up quite easily there, by a pair of Chinese wine-buyers in a large Mercedes. They spoke only Mandarin and broken Italian, so communication was hard to say the least.

During our very difficult communication I managed to explain to them I was staying with ‘a friend’ (explaining couchsurfing was impossible 😉 ) and I was running a business taht had something to do with computers. Then, one thing led to the other and I told them my friend was a ‘business student’. In truth, I had forgotten what my next host was doing, but I didn’t want to complicate things and just answering yes and no to their questions was teh easiest thing to do. Little did I expect that my new Chinese friends were now asking me for his number (for business with China). I knew the chance was very small that Alessandro was actually a business student, so I quickly changed the last digit of his number and gave it to them. I guess that was Karma teaching me not to lie. Not even for convenience’s sake. They dropped me off and with a bit of trouble i made it to Alessandro’s house in a suburb of Torino.

I was a little suprised that he wasn’t at home, but his parents were. Luckily they both spoke English, so I had some very interesting conversations with his father until he came home. His father had a very sharp memory and remembered almost his complete travel itinerary from when he was in Holland many years ago. Afetr a while Alessandro and his girlfriend came home and we went out for pizza (can you imagine, in Italy 😉 ). Some of his friends were there also and we went to a very nice place to have some wonderful pizza.

The next day I spent walking around Torino but returning home quite early because I was quite sick. I had apparently gotten a cold while hitching in the Alps I guess. Luckily when I sent Alessandro a message he was in teh city center so we spent some time driving around because he was looking for a new place to live. When we got home, I went straight to bed after some medicine, with a big headache and blowing my nose every other second. That evening we went for some Kebab and after that they dropped me off at home while they went to a Pink Floyd cover band. I was just not well enough to come with, which made me feel a little bit like a bad guest :S There was also teh small matter that I needed to get up early the next morning to get to Grenoble. There I was going to meet Joel and Cecile, a couple that had visited the Alaska collective for a week or so.

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One Response to “Sick in Torino”

  1. Oh Walter, we miss you so much, here! I hope you’re feeling better 🙂