5 Mar 2009

Visiting my sis and her boyfriend in Geneve

Posted by walterheck

After nourishing my taste-buds at Vince’s place for the past days, I went on my way to Geneve to visit my dear sister and her boyfriend. They had just moved into their new home a few months ago, so I was eager to see it (and them, of course).

Hitching in Switzerland is quite easy if you happen to just be traveling along the major highways. You also have to be looking clean and not too weird, and a sign is definitely in order. I passed all of these tests, so it turned out to be a very easy experience. Well, most of it anyways 🙂

At one point, I was waiting at a gas station when a delivery van pulled up. I got in, only to quickly realise that there was a high chance the guy was completely coked out. I asked him if he was going in the direction of Geneve and from what I could make up from his Swiss-German babbling, he was. I got in, only to realise after 2 minutes that he was turning off teh highway at the next exit. Meanwhile, he started telling me about using steroids a few days back to be able to work out better. He had been hurting all over his body for a few days since taking that stuff. Meanwhile he assured me he was going to drop me off at a good place, which turned out to be sub-optimal to say the least. It was on the other side of the village, but too far from the highway to walk there. It took me an hour to hitch around the town and end up back on the highway.

Other rides that day were from a very nice 72-year old man with whom I had lengthy dicussions on life and owning a business and such. He was still working for a friend by delivering goods all over switzerland. He loved his job, and I loved talking to him and getting a feeling that I would like to be like him if I ever happen to reach 72. Another ride was from an American from California who had been working in St. Moritz. He was driving very fast, and we easily chatted all the ride. He eventually dropped me at the Geneve airport, from which I slowly made my way to my sister’s house to meet her there after work.

It was very nice to visit my sister again, even though I’m a bit worried her and her boyfriend work too much. They are gone most of the day and when they return in the evening around 19.00-19.30 they still have to cook and clean, leaving very little time for a social life and stuff. I shopped, cooked and cleaned teh kitchen for them and spent most of the rest of my time on my laptop working. I even stayed an extra day to be able to cook for them once more, seeing as they so much appreciated coming home and being able to sit down and eat a proper meal without having to cook it first 🙂

The last night I finally got a chance to talk and have some real conversations, which made me feel a whole lot better. I love my sister very much and I was happy to have a chance to listen to her and tell her what is going on in my life (which is a lot 😉 ).

I had shuffled around my plans for the next few days quite a bit, but in the end the next destination was Ozegna, a very small town (1000 inhabitants) about 40 kilometers before Torino in Northern Italy.

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