3 Mar 2009

20.000 Km hitchhiked!

Posted by walterheck

Something important happened when I traveled into Switzerland: I crossed the 20.000 Km marker of hitchhiking. I have kept exact track of every distance I have hitched ever using google maps, so this is quite the achievement for me. Many people don’t drive their car that much in little over 1,5 year. I have had many, many amazing experiences in those 20,000 Km’s and I would not want to live without hitching now. Somehow standing by the side of the road seeing all these cars whizz by just puts a satisfied smile on my face. Apart from some drunk weird people in Alaska I haven’t had any bad experiences at all! Those who say that hitchhiking is dangerous even for a guy have obviously never hitched or have run into the very very unlikely situation of trouble. I am convinced though that those who do run into trouble are possibly provocative, but that is hard to prove 🙂

Anyway, I heard a couple of you readers say that you wanted to try it someday. What are you waiting for? Find a city not too far from yours, make a sign and get out there. You’ll see how easy and amazing it is!

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One Response to “20.000 Km hitchhiked!”


    Hitchhiking IS great!!!