2 Mar 2009

Finally hugging Vince’s snake(s)

Posted by walterheck

I headed out of Dijon, which turned out to be quite easy actually, just a fair bit of a walk to get to the start of the highway. Then, things went slow, at least until the border with Switzerland. A very funny thing happened though: I was in a supermarket outside mulhouse when the woman in line in front of me turned around and started speaking french. I told her I didn’t quite understand and then she told me she had given me a lift last year from Mulhouse to Strasbourg. How big is the chance of that happening?? It almost makes me believe in no coincidence.
Anyway, when I got to the border with Switzerland it was already later in the day. I thought I would have to hitch in the dark once again, but I was a whole lot luckier in Switzerland then expected. It just took me two ries to cross almost all of Switzerland from West to East. Vince picked me up just outside of Gossau and we returned to his house.

Now, there is one thing I should tell you: Vince (and thereby his place) are legendary in european couchsurfing history. Every year he organises a Paella party and cooks Paella for 150 people. These weekend-long meetings have achieved cult-status over the years. Another reason I was excited to see his place, since I have missed each and every Paella for some stupid reason :S

The next few days at Vince’s place can be summarised in a few keywords: utterly relaxing, good whiskey tasting, good food, good friendship, nice walk in the snow, working on the computer, watching movies, rare whisky shop (wow!), remembering horrible hits from the 90’s and many other things.

One thing I want to mention specifically: Vince keeps 4 snakes in his house. 2 of them are actually very usedto humans, and I had 1 of them around my neck. A weirdly non-scary experience actually. The snake was totally relaxed and it actually was kinda nice.

All in all, I had an amazing time there and I guess Vince had too. I really felt like we connected there. So Vince, if you are reading this: thank you!

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One Response to “Finally hugging Vince’s snake(s)”

  1. I’m actually looking forward to finally being able to hug that snake too in July! I’ve been fortunate enough to be at a couple of paellas’ already, but the snakes are inside and the party outside so no snakes too be hugged.. ;-(
    This time I, however, will arrive at Vince’s (ops sorry, it’ll be Anni and Vince’s by that time!) a couple of days before to help out and am guessing that I will then have my long longed for encounter. 🙂