28 Feb 2009

Moving south: Brussels and Reims

Posted by walterheck

The last time I was hitching to Brussels the last guy to drop me off in Brussels city was a very cool guy. He turned out to be even cooler then I already thought when I received an email from him a few days later. He told me he enjoyed our conversations and wanted to invite me to his house to meet his wife and kids and see where he lived. Did I ever tell you guys hitchhiking is amazing like that?? You meet the most wonderful people on the face of the planet!
Anyway, at first I thought I wouldn’t be able to visit him for a long time, but since i changed my plans to go back to Holland to help out my friends, I now had to pass brussels again. We exchanged some emails and I visited him for a night in his beautiful house in Limal, some 30Km south of Brussels. His family was very nice and they took me to Waterloo right after I got there. even though teh visitor center was closed it was very interesting to see the place. A place that had been so important in our recent history (this was the first place Napoleon was beaten 😉 ) is actually just a couple of fields. There is a big ass memorial sign there, but thats it. We went to a bar close y and I drank a waterloo beer (didn’t even know it existed :) ).
On the way back we drove through the fields. Serge has a big ass luxurious 4×4 VW, so it was perfect for this purpose.

The next morning he dropped me off at the highway and I went on my way to Reims. It was a nice hitch through the heart of the Ardennes. Not very easy, but the scenery was brilliant. I got to Reims a bit early so I went to the nearest McDonald’s to do some work (who cares about tht big beautiful cathedral they have, right? :)). Unfortunately this is the reality of travel now: I work around 20-30 hours a week, so it leaves not too much time to go out and view the cities. I walk around a bit in most of them though, and I still enjoy the free time in different places very much.

After a bit of work I headed to my host’s place. It was her second time hostingand she was living with her family. We talked more or less the whole night about tv shows and life. We happen to like exactly the same tv-shows, including Greek and Kyle XY (there, I said it out loud. Yes, I watch garbage like that :) ). Her dad was very nice too and he was happy that I speak some french. I showed him my blog and told him about my travels, which he was very interested in. Once again, I felt i was leaving too soon when I left the following morning. It was time to get to the south of France though.

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