27 Feb 2009

Home sweet home (again?)

Posted by walterheck

After Brussels I had originally planned to travel through France and Spain for a couple of weeks to slowly make my way down to Valencia. It will be no surprise to most of you that my plans changed 🙂
Two of my good friends from Enschede are going through sort of a rough patch due to medical reasons. I decided that I wanted to help them rather than travel through France, so I sent them an email proposing to come to Enschede and help out for a few days. They gladly accepted my offer, so after Brussels I hitched to Enschede.

The rides I got were very interesting. I’ll just name as an example the young dutch moroccan photo model who felt ultra-guilty coming back from a session of cheating on his girlfriend. According to him, when dozens of girls you have never met send you semi-nude pictures daily with the accompanying message that you can do anything you want to them, it is kind of hard to stay faithful. I can not say I have ever been in that situation, but I can say that I think this is not very morally correct. The rest of the day was filled with similarly interesting encounters 😉

I arrived in Enschede and spent the next couple of days cleaning and cooking a bit, doing groceries and working a bit, and hanging out with Irene during the day and Ewoud during the evening. I love spending quality time like this with people I care very much for!

During my days in Enschede I also decided to pay a visit to Olivier, my ex-roommate in Enschede back in the day. As always, we had enough to talk about and catch up on, so I had a very good evening! Another person I happened to run in to through Irene was Joost, a guy I knew from Sittard through a friend of mine. We hung out in high school a couple of times so it was fun to hang out again.

After a couple of good days in Enschede it was time to head down to Zoetermeer to say proper goodbye to my mom. That kind of didn’t happen properly when I left 2 weeks before (hey, I’m chaotic 😉 ) , so I was glad I could make up for that! I stayed with my mom unil sunday before heading out again to catch up with my friends who would be wintersporting in South of France (or so I thought). I’ll explain what happened in the next post 🙂

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3 Responses to “Home sweet home (again?)”

  1. Funnily enough, when dozens of male Dutch Moroccan photo models you have never met, send you semi-nude pictures daily with the accompanying message that you can do anything you want to them, it isn’t hard at all to stay faithful. Strange how that works.



  2. I’m not so sure about that Ruud!! 😛



  3. Dude, bij deze nog eens bedankt voor de paar dagen dat je ons huis hebt opgevrolijkt (en opgeruimd)! Het was echt heel lief van je dat je je plannen voor ons wijzigde. Zowel Irene als ik hebben erg van je gezelschap genoten. Weet dat je in Enschede altijd welkom bent!