4 Feb 2009

Gojira Concert in Strassburg

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Here it is: the first story from back on the road. As I explained in my previous post, my friend Paul, his friend Mandie and I had decided to go to a concert by a band called Gojira. since at that time they were only touring France, we decided to go to strasburg. I arranged a couch for the three of us for saturday night. Turns out we were accepted by a guy whose first cs experience ever was the first Paris invasion during the 1st Sinterklaas meeting (read: 15 people spending the night in my tiny apartment :).

I was supposed to move out of my room on friday morning, and I had to hand in the paper I am writing for INTED2009 as well that day. To make thngs more complicated, on wednesday afternoon I found out that I had to go to the other sie of the country for some last minute paperwork. After some thinking through, I realised it was better to leave Rotterdam on thursday morning and not come back just to move out of my apartment. The downside was that I didn’t get to say goodbye to my mom and I had to rush things in Rotterdam quite a bit.
I went to Sittard to sign the papers, had dinner with Jack and Thora and then went over to my good friend Eef’s place. On friday afternoon I hitched to Eindhoven to meet up at Paul’s place as we were leaving for Strassburg the next morning. I worked my ass off that night to finish my paper and submit it. I was only 20 minutes late, so it was still accepted (phew!)

The next morning we got up, packed the car and hit the road. We picked up paul’s friend Mandie in Heerlen and then went on to Strassburg. We arrived at the end of the afternoon at Jeff’s place. Now, he had told me he had stayed at my place during the first sinterklaas, but I couldn’t recognise his foto. Also, his name is Geoffroy on cs, while I knew him by the name of Jeff. So, I arrived in Strassburg pretty curious to figure out who the hell this guy was. The moment he opened the door I immediately recognised him.

we got groceries, cooked dinner and then immediately left for the concert. This is so not the couchsurfing way of being a guest so I felt a bit guilty. jeff seemed to be fine with it though, he is a very layed back guy ๐Ÿ™‚
The concert was absolutely amazing! First of all it was sold out. Second of all, it was crowded already when the first band started playing. In holland this rarely ever happens ๐Ÿ™‚ We got warmed up by two better-than-average bands in the preshow, but they could not manage to prepare us for Gojira! I spent the better part of Gojira’s set in the pit, sometimes literally gasping for air!

After the concert we headed back home and went to sleep quite soon. The next morning we got up around noon and after breakfast it was time for Mandie and Paul to leave. Sad to say goodbye, happy to have had an amazing good time ๐Ÿ™‚

I spent the rest of that day in bed, reading emails and watching tv shows. Jeff didn’t have much time since he is very busy, so it was just perfect! The next day I headed out to see the center of Strassburg. i didn’t expect much as jeff and his roommates were not particularly excited about the city. Boy was I wrong! Strassburg is a very beautiful, well preserved city in the breathing heart of the Alsace. In the city center there is a big cathedral coveniently called notre dame (Am I the only one that always thought there was only one notre dame?!). That cathedral is absolutely amazing from the outside! Inside there is a giant astrologic hourwork that has all kinds of moving parts and events happening every so many minutes.

After walking around I found a McD in a shopping mall with free wifi and lots of hiding-from-the-staff little corners. I sat there working for a few hours and then returned home.
The next day I spent at home working again the whole day. In the evening I spent some time with jeff and his roommates. All the while I was looking for a couch in Brussels, having only moderate luck finding one. As we speak I have a couch for saturday and sunday, butnot for tomorrow an firday night. What fun is life without a challenge ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I hitched from Strassburg to Arlon where I am spending one night. I had to wait for over an hour to get out of strassburg, but when I was finally picked up it was by an extremely friendly Belgian who were passing by Arlon, yay! They dropped me off in Arlon around 16:30 and as we speak I am enjoying a nice blue chimay in the brasserie that is part of the railway station, waiting for my host.

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5 Responses to “Gojira Concert in Strassburg”

  1. Nice to know you made it (semi) easily amigo! Good luck with your plans and travels, keep your blog updated as I’ll be on it frequently, as a vicarious traveller ๐Ÿ˜‰



  2. leuk te lezen dat je weer in de binnenkant van kerken geรƒยฏnteresseerd bent.
    Verander mijn emailadres hierboven eens!



  3. Yes, I am finally mentioned on your website. You just made my day, buddy!

    Oh, and please do a CTRL + Replace for the name Mandie and change it to Mandy. I was just about to send her the link to your website. You know you don’t want her wrath raining down on you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Good luck in Brussels!



  4. And by the way…I still have a “funny story” up my sleeve about the return journey. Something to do with a very eerie German police guy and his curiosity about my relations to “Drogen”. Too bad you weren’t there to witness it. We could have shared the laugh!



  5. Maar 20 minuten te laat?
    Goed om te weten dat dat dus de druk is die je nodig hebt ๐Ÿ˜›