6 Dec 2008

What’s been going on in my life…

Posted by walterheck

So, for those of you who hadn’t figured it out yet: I returned back to Holland at the beginning of Oktober. I found a ridiculously cheap flight from Vancouver to Frankfurt and decided to not think about it too much and just take it.
Part of that was that my father had not been doing so well. I decided to first go surprise my sister who had just moved to Switzerland. She hadn’t started her new job yet, so I knew she wasn’t working. We had some very nice days together, after which I went to Lausanne for a cool Couchsurfing meeting. After that meeting I went home to surprise my parents.
From that moment on, things went very fast: my father went to the hospital because he couldn’t eat much anymore and had lost a lot of weight. Long story short, we found out he had colon cancer and he died within 4 weeks of my arrival back home. Thank you universe for giving me these signals to go home and have proper time to say goodbye to my lovely father. Rest in peace, dad!

During all of this I made some more big changes in my life: I found a room to live in in Rotterdam, a bus-ride away from my mom. Also, I decided it was time to let another longtime dream come true: I started my own company! World, meet OlinData. OlinData, meet world. OlinData will be the focal point of all my energy in the next months of my life. Wish me luck!

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One Response to “What’s been going on in my life…”

  1. hey! you know… i’m very sorry about your dad. but your story did make me smile anyway… it’s so good that you could return.

    and well… you also know i’m looking forward to hear OlinData’s name all over the place! Live long and prosper, dude!


    Ricardo Moraleida