20 Sep 2008

Sailing on Vancouver Island

Posted by walterheck

During all this wonderful time in Vancouver, another nice opportunity had presented itself. Elvire told me that she was going to Vancouver island to meet a guy to go sailing with him to try out for being one of his crew members on his boat in the Caribbean this summer. I asked her if I could come along since I would love to do something like that. After asking David, the boat-owner it was okay and I all of a sudden was going to Vancouver Island. We could stay at the house he was house sitting, so it all worked out. The next day we went sailing on the boat he has here in Victoria. It was really nice and Elvire and I shared steering the boat and tacking whenever needed. The weather was good, although the wind wasn’t always very strong. All in all we had a very nice day on the water.
David is a really nice guy and even though he is not very rich (yes, he has two boats, but no house) he was very generous to us. That evening we spent planning for the next couple of days; Elvire was off to Seattle and I was eager to go on one of the supposedly very beautiful trails Vancouver Island has to offer.

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