20 Sep 2008

Prince George, BC

Posted by walterheck

Mike dropped us off in Prince George at the place of a guy called Goji. He was already asleep but he had told us we could crash in his tent in the backyard. We crashed there with the three of us, and the next morning we went into the house to go and meet our anonymous host 🙂 Read more after the jump…

Goji was a very interesting character. Very friendly, but a bit too weird for us. For example, he was on a raw food diet, which is ok in itself (although I could never do that 🙂 ). His reasons for doing so were a bit freaky though (no need to repeat them here). After he brought us to a mall so we could run some errands, we agreed that this was not very ideal for us. Mandie had been in contact with another woman in Prince George, so we decided to call her and see what we could arrange. When Mandie called her, we were instantly invited to a BBQ at the river side with her and her friends. That sounded a lot better to us, so we picked up our stuff at Goji’s place and moved over to Sandra’s.
The BBQ with her friends was really nice, they had an amazingly beautiful house on the riverside and the people were very friendly. We spent the whole evening there and decided to all go to a very old forest (conveniently called the ancient forest :)) an hour outside of Prince George the next day.
The forest was really beautiful, very big old cedar trees in a lush rainforest. When we got back, Sandra invited some of her friends over for a sort of instant-potluck. We had some very nice dinner and played a game afterwards, a lot of fun!
The next day it was time for us to leave, unfortunately. Sandra drove us to a good hitchhiking spot just outside of Prince George where it was real easy to get a ride. We had some interesting rides to Kamloops in a generally easy day of hitchhiking. One guy bought us breakfast, another one would barely let us buy him lunch. We had some really interesting discussions on politics and religion, topics you normally stay far away from while hitchhiking since you have no clue what the opinion of your driver is and the last thing you wanna do is piss your driver off. Next we were going to be reunited with TJ!

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