20 Sep 2008

Kamloops and on to Vancouver

Posted by walterheck

We arrived in Kamloops around the same time Kenny did, but we had to wait for a bit for TJ to pick us up. TJ was one of the shorttermers in Alaska and she had invited us to her house in Kamloops, which was almost on the way for us. She lives with some other girls in a nice student home overlooking most of Kamloops. More after the jump..

We had a lot of fun, going to a birthday party of one of TJ’s friends, spending one day chilling out in the park and the next day geeking out on the campus enjoying the free wifi. I bought a new ring since I have by now lost all of the four rings I had when I started traveling (me, chaotic? naah…).
The next day it was time for the final stretch. We headed to the highway, assessed the situation and then decided to split up and have a race to Vancouver. Kenny walked ahead, me and Mandie stayed and we had a pretty hard time getting out of Kamloops. We got lucky in the end though, and the rest of the rides were all less than 2 or 3 minutes waiting.
Patricia, on of the girls at the collective, lives in Vancouver with her boyfriend and we were invited to come and celebrate her birthday. The last guy even gave us a ride all the way to Patricia’s doorstep ? He admitted that he picked us up just so he could get into a special lane on the highway. We didn’t care though, especially since he was so cool :)
We arrived first at Patricia’s place, claiming overall self-proclaimed victory of the whole hitchhiking trip from Homer to Vancouver. We were ecstatic to finally reach Vancouver! 3900 something kilometers from Homer, we were all alive and kicking and loaded with adventures. Mandie proceeded to tell Patricia each and every one of these adventures, which made us relive the whole trip.

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