20 Sep 2008

Collective reunion in Vancouver

Posted by walterheck

We went for Sushi, met up with Eline (Weston’s girlfriend and also shorttermer at the collective) and waited for Kenny. Apparently he was late because he had been picked up by two guys with a converted school bus that were giving him beer from the moment he got on the bus. We still beat his ass to Vancouver though 🙂

We went to get some drinks and then went to a house party thrown by two couchsurfers. When we got there I got an embarassing surprise: one of the girls there saw me come in, came to me and said she knew me. This is not completely abnormal, since I am pretty active in couchsurfing and I am also pretty recognisable. This was different though. She proceeded telling me she had stayed in my house in Rotterdam. Me, still drawing a complete blank, asked if I was actually there when she was there. She told me I was, but I was very busy. Tiina had hosted and entertained her mostly. That was a slight relief, but I still felt very bad about not even recognising her face or her name 🙁 This is not what couchsurfing is about..
She forgave me quickly however (I don’t think she blamed me in the first place) and the party was really nice.
The next day me and Kenny geeked out in a coffee shop along the very flamboyant Commercial Drive. In the evening we waited for Casey and his girlfriend Jelena to arrive. They arrived late but we all had lots of stories to swap, so we did. We went to bed (me sleeping outside in a tent and Kenny, Mandie, Jelena and Casey in Patricia’s tiny apartment.
The following day we spent riding bikes with a bunch of other people around beautifully sunny Vancouver. It was awesome. The city is great, the people are nice, the weather was beautiful, just perfect! It was so nice to see all my friends from Alaska again.
In the evening Kenny and me moved to Destiny’s place. Now, I have seen many a couchsurfer’s place, but this one was crazy! She has consistently hosted at least 10 people a night since April. When we were there, there were at least 20 people there. This is in a normal 1 bedroom apartment, nothing huge. We had to climb in through the kitchen window since there was a couch blocking the front door. It kind of felt like a hostel full of surfers. It seemed to work quite well, but Kenny and me couldn’t help feeling like there was something missing. I think that in the two days we stayed there, I spoke to destiny for not more than 10 minutes total.
The next day we had a nice picknick at the beach to celebrate Patricia and Jelena’s birthdays. Laura and Andrew arrived in the evening, and Elvire also showed up. It was so nice to have everyone there! We were 9 or 10 people in total coming from the Alaska collective. Such a coincidence that we were all there at the same time 🙂
We spent another night at Destiny’s place and the following day we went over to Patricia’s place for a pancake breakfast made by Mandie. We said goodbye to Casey and Jelena
and in the evening we went to the weekly Vancouver couchsurfing meeting. We had already scored a couch for the next night, but Kimberleigh insisted that we would come home with her and stay this night as well. We didn’t mind since Destiny’s place wasn’t that amazing. We left our stuff at Destiny’s and went with Kimmy. She was so nice to us, truly another amazing couchsurfing experience 🙂
The next few days we spent mostly with her, and in random order we went to say goodbye to Laura and Andrew, went to a couchsurfing picnic on the beach, got incredibly stoned at a jam party, went to the hippyish clothing optional Wreck beach, had breakfast at a crazy 3$ breakfast place and just enjoyed Vancouver in general.
On friday we already had to say goodbye to Mandie as she was leaving and on Sunday it was time to say goodbye to Kenny. I was a little sad to loose these two awesome travelmates after all the adventures we had and all the amazing experiences that we now share. I guess this is the fate of us wanderers 🙂

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  1. Walter – it was sad saying goodbye to you too!! Missing you my friend! Love Mandie x