9 Sep 2008

The Cassiar Highway

Posted by walterheck

When we left Whitehorse, we decided to split up again, only this time a bit more planned: Me and Mandie would wait, while Kennie would walk ahead. That way, when a car picked us up, they would probably not mind picking Kenny up. If they didn’t pick us up, they would be warmed up to the idea of picking a hitchhiker up, so they would take Kenny.Follow the jump to see how that turned out..

Well, it proved to be a good strategy. Kennie walked ahead and Mandie and me walked to a gas station. While Mandie was waiting for cars along the highway, I was bugging all people pulling into the gas station. It took us about an hour before a friendly guy told me that he would take us all the way to Prince George (1000 miles away) if we would be prepared to chip in for gas. Normally that is against “hitchhiker code”, but in this case since the guy was gonna take us for two whole days, we decided to go ahead and chip in. Also, teh guy was gonna do the Cassiar highway instead of the standard highway. While the Cassiar highway is more beautiful, it also has much less traffic, so we were happy to have a guaranteed ride all the way across it (600Km or so).

We got in the old VW van that was remodelled as a camper van (I’ve always wanted to have one, but asd a narcoleptic i’m not gonna be able to drive it anywhere :) ) and started driving. We kept an eye open for Kenny. Sure enough, 5 hours later, Kenny was walking down the start of the Cassiar. We still had room in the van so we picked him up as well. We were so happy to be together again! Should you not have noticed, we get along _really_ well together :)

Mike, our “driver” was a very cool guy and it was a beautiful ride. We camped in the middle of the highway for the night, and made it all the way to Prince George the evening of the following day. It was almost sad to leave Mike behind, and it was definitely worth the 75$ that I paid for this ride :)

We had two options for our host, one was called Goji arranged by Kenny and teh other was called Sandra arranged by Mandie. Sandra hadn’t responded when we told her that we were close, so we went over to Goji’s place. He had said that if he was already sleeping, we could camp in the tent he had already set up in his backyard. He was indeed sleeping, so weird as it was, we walked into his backyard and made ourselves comfortable in his tent.

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2 Responses to “The Cassiar Highway”

  1. Na een paar weken radiostilte nu opeens een overflow aan blogs, leuk om te lezen wat je allemaal beleeft!

    Ik heb besloten om (voorlopig….!) geen verlof / ontslag of wat dan ook te nemen, maar (zoals jij ook al zei) gebruik te maken van Het Grote Voordeel Van Werken In Het Onderwijs (= zo’n 10 weken vakantie per jaar) en er dus lekker veel op uit te gaan (zo nog 1 ding tussen haakjes om het totaal in 1 zin op 4 te brengen).

    Over een maand heb ik alweer herfstvakantie en om mijn goede voornemen meteen maar in de praktijk te brengen heb ik een cheap-ass vlucht naar Berlijn geboekt. Alleen! Mensen vinden dit erg raar, maar als Azië alleen lukt, gaat Berlijn ook wel lukken :-) !

    Liefs! Eef xx



  2. He Walter,

    Inderdaad, mooi dat je weer aan het bloggen bent. Ik was al bang dat je de thuisblijvers niet meer wilde laten meegenieten van al je avonturen. Ik houd de website in de gaten. Zeker nu ik wat verkouden op de bank hang, zijn je verhalen een perfect tijdverdrijf. Nog veel plezier op je reis!


    Branco Jorissen

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